We focus on delivery of new technologies and innovation to farmers through our research work to improve the farmers yield and cut down the cost of inputs in order to reduce the cost of production at farmer’s level.

We have a vibrant research department that carries out varietal maintenance and brings on board new improved varieties that are tolerant to drought and resistant to pest and diseases in maize and legumes.


FRC425IR; Developed StrigaAway variety that is dressed with Amazapyr herbicide that is resistant to striga weeds which attaches to the germinating maize seedling and depletes it nutrients required for growth and development. This technology has assisted farmers in Western Kenya and Nyanza region who have been experiencing low yields due to striga weed infestation on their farms.

Drought Tolerant Varieties; these include Drought Tolerant Maize Varieties such as KDV1 and KDV6 suitable for drought prone areas of Eastern Kenya and Coastal regions. Drought Tolerant Legume varieties include Cowpeas M66 and K80, Green gram N26, pigeon peas Kat 60/8 and Dolicos lablab DL1002. Sorghum Gadam variety suitable for drought prone areas is also available for the farmers.


Products under research and development pipeline are;

  • Maize Lethal Necrotic Disease tolerant maize varieties - to adopt improved MLN disease tolerant maize varieties for affect areas in Kenya.
  • Hybrid rice project - to provide high yielding and disease tolerant hybrid rice varieties for farmers in Kenya
  • Varietal maintenance for gene characteristics maintenance and improved seed quality for all maize and legume seeds.